Press Release

Date: 1 Aug 2022

I Salim Said, owner of IKON Petroleum / Rhine Shipping, have been made aware of a certain news media outlet that has recently published false and unsubstantiated statements concerning my company and the way myself and my companies conducts its business. We are aware that certain ill-intentioned actors are behind this, and which is likely part of a wider coordinated smear campaign, designed to intentionally cause harm and damage to my personal good name, and my company’s good name and reputation in the market. We take such allegations extremely seriously.

I can categorically state and confirm that these allegations are completely baseless, malicious and untrue. All my commercial activities and the business activities of my companies are legitimate and in full compliance with US / EU / UK and all other sanctions regulations. Any suggestion or insinuation that myself, IKON Petroleum / Rhine Shipping is involved with or has engaged in any form of illicit activities in breach of any sanction’s regulations, is false, libelous, and defamatory.

IKON Petroleum / Rhine Shipping denies these allegations and false statements, and we are currently taking legal steps with our lawyers, against the media outlets, individuals and entities or any others involved, regarding these false and defamatory statements.