Compliance, Systems & Controls, Ethics

As we pride ourselves on our excellent service, at all times we follow risk management strategies, ensuring company’s policies and procedures are strictly followed. We ensure that all procedures comply with relevant international legislation and regulation.

We maintain our internal process at all times and look at continually improving ourselves in order to stay as a leader within the Oil Trading Industry. “IKON Petroleum have a dedicated desk, which purely focuses on ensuring all operations are in full compliance of the US Federal laws, with no financial transactions with any sanctioned country or region. The company maintains strict controls to protect ourselves from Money Laundering activities, all of our sales and purchase partners are put through vigorous screening as well as the KYC process before being enrolled with us.

We always keep up to date with various software’s which supports us in developing; as well as enable us to build on our customer contact and workforce optimization.

Our business continues to expand due to our professional risk management systems and controls. As a group we understand the volatility in the commodity of oil; at all times we execute the best practices in terms of financial, political and maintain supply chain risk management. Our ownership structure incentivizes the preservation of capital and a measured approach to risk.

We ensure that our employees are committed to adhering to our Ethics policies. This policy covers how staff should conduct themselves at all times, it was designed to determine how to treat customers, suppliers and colleagues focusing on integrity, fairness, accountability and honesty at all times.