Road Map

Our goal is to expand our brand and our offices; offering a first class service globally as well as ensuring the latest quality and quantity control.

Since opening the doors; Director Mr Salim Said understands how to create growth in our business environment. He has provided the organisation with a roadmap of development along with practical tools to navigate through any challenges.

IKON Petroleum Roadmap 2020

Initially we have to continually analyse our business, this will ensure that we are aware of all sections. We can maintain and monitor were we have been, were we are, our expectations and our future.

Management will be able to establish key metrics to understand organizational structure and status. Among key metrics we will consider various other factors such all finance-related metrics, customer-related metrics, product-related metrics, staff-metrics and operations-related metrics.

Ikon Petroleum strive on building and maintaining all business relationships. Creating a diverse culture is about constantly ensuring passion and drive in our team as well as our large client portfolio. Our culture confirms our identity, our values, our beliefs as well as our products and services, what we offer and how we price them.

While day to day operations are at the top of our priority, the Ikon Petroleum roadmap defines how to analyse a potential opportunity and minimise risk in a systemic manner. The opportunity comes from knowing when and where it’s possible for us to increase our business. We are committed to building and growing from establishing a solid foundation.

We believe that excellent organic growth starts with a practical strategy that aligns directly with vision. This enables to reach our marketing and organizational objectives.